LEE’s secret

The Secret Ingredient”

“The strange black box was brought to the table along with the first course. The waiter just left it there on the table and left without saying a word. The box was small, maybe the size of the cardboard box that commonly holds a tube of toothpaste. But heavier. Maybe as heavy as a portable bluetooth speaker (if it was the size of a toothe paste tube). One face of the box had golden dials of a combination lock integrated into it. It was rather similar to those Samsonite suitcases. On the other side of the box there was a chart of some sorts. One of the columns in this chart listed all the courses of the chef’s menu we were having … and then a list of various food ingredients.
“It’s a pocket safe,” noted my father pretentiously. “The first column consists of tonights dishes, the other is the ingredients. You need to match the right ingredients to the right dishes and by using the chart you’re gonna get the code that opens the box. Easy as that!”
“Oh, it’s like a tasting quiz!” went mom, all excited about her heureka moment. “That’s what I just said,” dad reminded her, trying to make sure that everyone at the table understood – it was him who grasped the concept of the game first. “I wonder what’s in there”. That kind of a question could only prompt one kind of and answer from my dad. “What’s in there? What’s in there? What’s in there is the point of the whole game.” This was dad’s way of trying to help mom understand.
And it wasn’t as easy as that. There’s no accounting for taste. The saying goes especially well regarding family matters. But it was an unbelievable experience. I have literally never paid so much attention to how food tastes as I did that time. Cause I really wanted to know, what’s in the black box.”
“The Secret Ingredient” is a social codebreaking game that will test your taste buds to the limit. And it tells the story of Lee Restaurant through a truly interactive experience.

Lee’s secret includes sharing menu, served as a surprise. Price per guest 72 EUR. It is necessary to book the experience in advance at: info@leeresto.ee.


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